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The treatment phase is a very important feature of the polishing and lapping process of which it is an integral part.
The treatment process uses different machines that produce different levels of shine according to the structure of the surface to be treated, ensuring that the product is easy to clean.

The treatment phase consists of 3 steps.
Acid proofing: the acid treatment of the surface to prevent opaque stains appearing due to prolonged contact with acid substances.
Sealing: in which protective and waterproofing products are applied to the various surfaces using the Top Coat or Top Finishing machines
Finishing: a thermo-mechanical treatment that determines the level of gloss on the surface of the product. This is carried out by the Supershine machine.

  • Acid proofing

    Acid proofing is an integral part of the treatment process. Acid proofing ...
  • Sealing

    During the treatment process, protective and waterproofing products are applied to the ...
  • Finishing

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  • Drying devices

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  • Heads

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