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Squadra 6/1 Dry

Squadra 6/1 Dry

Dry-squaring machine with 6 calibrating units on each side, for all types of material

Squadra Dry represents the green oriented evolution of the grinding and squaring system that uses a dry process for all types of ceramic and for all sizes, from traditional sizes to large slabs. This allows costs to be reduced as well as saving water.

Various motors are available for Top Squadra Dry, which has 12 calibrating units. A new cutting-edge version of this model is also available fitted with a camera system that allows the squaring process to be monitored in real time and for chipping to be detected. It is also equipped with an automatic feed system for the calibrating spindle, which uses a brushless motor and belt system to determine the exact point at which the tool should be positioned.

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Diamond tools that don’t require water-cooling can be used, which means that Squadra Dry can dry grind the edges of the tiles to a standard size and make them perfectly square and even. The dry process means that the tiles do not have to be dried in the final stage. This allows costs to be reduced as well as saving water.

In addition to reducing costs and saving water, dry squaring also provides several other advantages:
- high performance finishing
- simpler plant
- better work environment
- longer service life of parts and therefore the entire line
- environmentally friendly

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Squadra Dry
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