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TOP Squadra 12/1 Dry

TOP Squadra 12/1 Dry

Dry-squaring machine with 12 calibrating units on each side for all types of material

Top Squadra Dry is a squaring machine equipped with 12 calibrating units that is used to dry grind all types of material, including porcelain stoneware. The evolution of the squaring process as far as Top Squadra Dry has been hand in hand with the success of the new sizes on the market that reach, and sometimes exceed, 1600×3200 mm.

A new cutting-edge version of this model is also available fitted with a camera system that allows the squaring process to be monitored in real time and for chipping to be detected. It is also equipped with an automatic feed system for the calibrating spindle, which uses a brushless motor and belt system to determine the exact point at which the tool should be positioned.

Top Squadra Dry was officially launched at Tecnargilla 2014, which means that BMR has now installed over 1000 dry squaring lines, confirming the success of a technology that has great economic, production and environmental advantages.

Squadra Dry
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