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BMR presents its new Vision range: starting with the launching of the Squadra Vision

7 July 2023 | News

BMR presents its new Vision range: starting with the launching of the Squadra Vision

BMR demonstrates its trendsetting capacity year after year with a series of extremely important technological innovations in the field of squaring and finishing ceramic surfaces. The new offer differs from the competition in the technological and digital avant-garde which aims at the maximum levels of design sophistication; a path that sees BMR engaged in a process of continuous innovation that increasingly requires expanding the concept of ceramic finishing. All leading it to the end of the line, a process that can and must evolve by rethinking the cutting, squaring and finishing processes. It’s here that the Scandiano company introduces a new concept, which gives life to a new line of products: BMR Vision.

Thanks to the widespread integration between machines and digitization, the new range is able to offer a complete ecosystem that allows every type of requirement in the field of versatile tile and slab finishing on a single platform to be managed, as well as making small batches, just in time productions and frequent size and surface changes more efficient.

Energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and developing the supply chain are some of the innovations of BMR’s Vision proposal for an increasingly objective and sustainable process that is perfectly linked to the theme of “industrial action”, i.e. an approach to production that pays attention to energy resources, preserving them and containing costs through the control done with digital cameras.

In this direction, the first machine belonging to the latest range designed by the Scandiano-based company is the new Squadra Vision. Directly related to the classic squaring machine with cameras, BMR’s flagship technology, it is an advanced, fully automatic and engineered system which, thanks to continuous technological upgrades, embraces the concepts of Smart Factory and Industry 4.0, demonstrating multiple advantages in terms of energy savings, eco-sustainability and reducing production costs. The tests already carried out at customers’ premises with the same material, removal and speed have shown that this technology with cameras has a grinding wheel consumption 40% lower than that with laser and similar technologies.


Squadra Vision is a dry squaring machine with 9 or 12 calibrating units per side, ideal for all types of materials and sizes that even exceed 1800×3600 mm. The new state-of-the-art version with the measuring camera system allows the squaring operation to be viewed in real time and thus also ascertain any chipping. Furthermore, the combination of the viewers and the automatic advancement of the calibrating spindle, fitted with a brushless motorization system and belts, is able to determine the exact positioning point of the tool and to guarantee its work automatically through the operator setting the removal cone. In this way, the system corrects the working position of the tool and optimizes its effectiveness, while always respecting the parameters set relating to size and productivity. In practical terms, it is possible to change the scale of removal extremely intuitively and quickly, according to the configuration and type of tool mounted on the squaring machine. Furthermore, the new machine is particularly reliable thanks to its construction features and to its entire control system that allows data extraction and consequently predictive maintenance. For these reasons, the risk of breakage and/or problems is drastically reduced.

The patented system with BMR cameras is the only one applied to a squaring machine and today it has been further improved.


Squadra Vision is designed to ensure high performance, with considerable benefits in terms of respect for the environment, energy consumption and tool costs savings. Prepared with a laser system at the line input and output, the machine intervenes by carrying out a timely automatic control of numerous functions and parameters, guaranteeing a higher percentage of first choice production and, consequently, a reduction in labour and process costs, respecting the environment and eco-sustainability standards.

The latest evolution of the Squadra brings considerable advantages also from the point of view of ease of use for those involved in the finishing phase: the graphic interface, developed in intuitive mode, allows particularly easy control of all the functional and operational aspects of the machine. This ease of use allows any operator to exploit all the production performances of which Squadra Vision is capable.

In brief, here are all the innovations brought by the Squadra Vision:

– new release of the machine software

– new spindle with better performance able to guarantee processing at lower temperatures

next generation cameras with improved image speed

still image function with chip recognition and identifying an incorrectly working grinding wheel

– “full automatic” functionality that allows the machine to work in total autonomy

– improved automatic cleaning of the camera system, waterproof with total isolation from dirt

grinding wheel savings (40% less consumption)

reliability and ease of use at the highest levels, thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface

reports and data useful for predictive machine maintenance

optimized process quality: Less chips (or breakages), less downtime, greater production continuity, less “waste” of material during size change.

constant process control: minor interventions by the operator and more focused on solving problems;

control over consumption and production data: all information regarding the consumption, duration and efficiency of the grinding wheels are constantly recorded and saved.

– the organic use of increasingly eco-friendly technologies stimulates the entire production chain, including employees and suppliers, to use and respect green and sustainable technological solutions.